Danny Abramovitch

This is my personal web page based on the work that I do. I have spent the bulk of my career doing industrial research, mostly at Hewlett-Packard Labs, Agilent Labs, and in the Mass Spec Division of Agilent Technologies. The majority of this has been on understanding physical systems (loosely defined as things that move or have signals running around in them). This is as opposed to purely computer centric systems. However, since working as a Co-Op student at Milliken & Company's central headquarters, I have developed an appreciation for what knowing what good computing can do for a physical system.
Corporations large and small like their web pages to fall into a set format to give a consistent message to their customers. While this is logical, it is a little bit restrictive on the individual who wants folks to have easy access to the public portion of their work. So, after much delay, it made sense to generate my own web site.
My purpose is to make it easy for people to find out about my work. You won't find any proprietary information here, just things that have made it into the public eye, or are independent of the companies that I do and have worked for. My intent is to make this page content rich, rather than heavily stylized.

Email: abramovitch@stanfordalumni.org Address: Silicon Valley, CA

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